Negative Energy Remedies Problem Solution Astrologer in Bangalore
  • Why do I get nightmares?
  • Why are my son’s eyes red most of the time?
  • Why does my daughter dream of falling from heights?
  • Why does my wife suffer from amnesia?
  • Why do I get frustrated without any reason at all?
  • Why are there strange and suspicious objects at the gate and courtyard of my house?
  • Why do my family members always fall sick?

Negative Energy… This very word spells dread and fear in the minds of people. Living in today’s technologically advanced world, one might be compelled to say that there is no such thing as negative energy. In spite of such beliefs, it is pertinent to note that harming anyone today and is practiced in many parts of India as noted by Best Sri Sai Balaji Anugraha Astrologer in bangalore. Ever wondered why people resort to such practices? The answer is quite simple. In a highly competitive world, people are always looking for means and ways to stay at the top. Jealousy is rampant in the minds of people. Sight of desperate people looking for a way to reach the top by toppling others is very common. In order to achieve this, some people resort to wicked forms of black magic. The intention is to harm, maim or sometimes kill people.

Jealousy in varied forms gives way to negative force practices. Lives are destroyed during this process. According to Best Astrologer in Bangalore, negative energy goes by many other names, viz. This is performed using various objects, but not limited to lemons, turmeric, dolls, coconuts and kumkum powder. It can also be done by using a strand of hair from the affected person.

The affected persons can become insane or invalid. Relationships are ruined and the professional life of a person is affected. Financial problems crop up and the person goes into depression. In other words, the life of a person comes to a complete standstill. In order to find out if a person is a victim of negative force, some noticeable symptoms are eyes getting red mostly. Nightmares are also common so consult a astrologer in bangalore Sai Balaji Anugraha Astrology.

The good news is that negative energy has several remedies too. The expert astrologer at Sai Balaji Anugraha Astrology can suggest you to regard and give importance to the family god or goddess. Abstaining from negative feelings and avoiding interaction with people you suspect can also be beneficial. It is better to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. The perpetrators of negative feelings are usually people related to you, so it is always better to identify such persons and maintain distance. Utaras can be performed by using Lemons.

Locate any foreign materials or suspicious objects and ensure that they are removed immediately. Regular puja of lord hanuman can also ensure that you are safe. Hanuman Chalisa must be read every day without fail. Another remedy is to use Taveez from a dargah. Immediate consultation with the renowned astrologer at Sai Balaji Anugraha Astrology can solve your problem at the earliest.

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