Family Problems Solutiom Astrologer in Bangalore
  • Why are my children not listening to me?
  • Why is my husband always in a bad temper?
  • Why does my wife create problems for me?
  • Why is there no peace at home?
  • Why do I get suicidal thoughts?

Do you know that the improper positioning of planets and stars can cause innumerable problems in family life? Who doesn’t want a family to stay peaceful and contented? It is a known fact that the relationship between a husband and the wife results in a harmonious relationship in the family. When this very bond is affected, there can be a tremendous effect on the entire family. This can further lead to constant quarrels, bickering, and the children are the worst sufferers. Domestic violence is affecting many families today.

Lack of peace is resulting in suicides and murders. In such circumstances, the role of astrology cannot be ruled out. Lack of understanding between the partners and their children, disagreements, unable to spend quality time with the family is the deterrent in harmonious family life. In astrology, according to the Best Astrologer in Bangalore, the sun symbolizes the father or the head of the family. The moon symbolizes the mother. Sometimes planets in a negative influence occur in mahadasha in the horoscope of a person and immediately there are bound to be disturbances in the family.

It can also be that a negative effect of planets can make a person to behave abnormally and cause rifts in families. Famous astrologer in Bangalore says that Vasthu doshas can also result in family problems like changing residence.

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